James Gonzalez-Wesley

James Gonzalez-Wesley is a sweet, affectionate 4 year old boy with a playful laugh and dimples that bring a smile and joy to everyone he meets. Little James loves to sing songs, go to the beach, pop water balloons and play with his family and friends.

James’ parents, Matias Gonzalez-Wesley and Malia Lonzaga, first noticed he wasn’t gaining weight, he looked pale and was less playful. He would not run around as usual and complained that his legs hurt. His parents took James in for a blood test and the results were alarming and indicative of possible cancer. James and his parents raced to Oahu where he was diagnosed via a bone marrow test with b-ALL Leukemia on 1/21/20. The following day little James began an intensive chemotherapy regimen that involves 5 chemo drugs (plus others to control side effects), multiple spinal taps and bone marrow tests, and the insertion of a central line i.v. “port” to deliver fluids and chemo directly into his heart.

His parents have not left his side. The family is experiencing the tremendous hardship of being away from the support of family and friends and they are unable to work. They are, however, determined to face this challenge with bravery and optimism and they will do everything they can to comfort and care for their child, while trusting that God has a plan for James.

James, although weak from treatment, still manages moments of humor and tender sweetness. The hospital nurses continuously comment on what a cooperative patient little James is, as he extends his arm out for yet another blood test.   Before becoming ill, James would play Doctor with his stuffed animals, carefully checking their vital signs with a pretend stethoscopes and thermometers. Now, during treatment, he has an intense curiosity and intently watches what the doctors and nurses are doing and his family can’t help but wonder if his future lies in the field of healing and helping others.

James’ family looks forward to the day that he will be home & back to playing doctor with his usual enthusiasm. Although this is not a journey the family would choose to take, they are so grateful that they do not have to walk it alone. With UVSC and the love and support of the community, the family hopes and plans for a bright future for little James.