Financial Assistance Program

UVSC aims to assist those with financial need associated with experiencing cancer treatment or caring for a family member in cancer treatment.


At UVSC, our team understands that undergoing cancer treatment or having a family member in cancer treatment can be extremely stressful in many ways. We aim to help cancer survivors ease their financial burden so they and their families can focus on healing and living on. The Financial Assistance Program helps to cover out-of-pocket expenses that are incurred due to cancer treatment and/or to help pay for basic necessities that individuals/families struggle to meet due to income disruption related to cancer treatment.

Hawaii is geographically isolated making the best care often hundreds, or even thousands of miles away. The cost of traveling to a treatment center can be overwhelming — especially combined with the cost of treatment, medication, childcare, food, household bills — and time away from work.

This program is funded through private donations and grants from the community and is managed by UVSC under the supervision of its Board of Directors. UVSC resources are limited. Any and all financial assistance requests may be subject to budgetary restrictions and availability of funds as approved by its Board of Directors.

Eligibility and Application Process

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How To Apply

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