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The UVSC family works hard to support its mission of helping cancer fighters live on.
Each member of our family helps build UVSC’s awareness, by sharing time, money, energy, or ideas. UVSC sincerely thanks each of you for your support. Together we are positively impacting the lives of many and helping put an end to cancer!
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Dukes Ohana
Aloha!! We are the Dukes family. Mom and Dad, Joshua and Shauna, and 4 wonderful children, Indiana, Mac, Jedi, and Trucker. Just over 2 years ago our youngest Trucker boy was diagnosed with an aggressive pediatric cancer and we have been fighting hard for his life ever since!! We could not have fought cancer so well if wasn't for the love and support from our community all over the world!! We love UVSC in every aspect and are honored to be a part of what they are doing!!!
Ian Walsh
My name is Ian Walsh. I am a professional surfer and have spent majority of my life learning from the ocean. My 3 younger brothers and I share a mother and a father. Without a doubt in my mind, our entire family revolves around our mom. Without her all 5 of us boys would be in shambles. Our family all found out the stomach wrenching news together that she was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 years ago. Her strength, positivity, perseverance, calmness, and confidence all played incredible rolls in her ultimately beating the cancer and keeping all her boys together through the most trying time of our young lives. Seeing this whole process from the inside out has left my brothers and I with a very concise view our mother, that she is the strongest person that we will ever know. I am very proud to support and stand with UVSC and also very proud to share that she has just had her 14th annual check up and she is cancer free!
Tim Hendricks
My name is Tim Hendricks, I have been an artist as long as I can remember, everyone thought I was nuts. I live in California with my amazing family, who inspires me on a daily basis. I own a tattoo supply company, a tattoo shop and have starred and appeared on multiple tattoo based television shows. In 2009 my mother-in-law passed away from lung cancer, my wife and I looked after her until her last breath. It was one of the most heartbreaking things to witness in my life, since then I have devoted as much time as my life will allow in helping the fight against cancer. I’m very honored to support UVSC and will stand beside them every step of the way in their journey.
Kurt Suzuki
My name is Kurt Suzuki, I was born and raised in Maui, Hawaii. I can be defined as a follower of Christ; husband, father, son and baseball player. In the year 2007, I was living in Northern California with my wife, Renee. That is the year I received a phone call from my parents stating my father was diagnosed with stage 4 Kidney Cancer. I get sick just thinking about that phone call. But, my father has been given the gift of remission for the last seven years and now, I am on a quest to support foundations that focuses on assisting the families and scientific research of chronic illness, such as cancer. My wife and I are honored to support UVSC!
Kanoa Leahey
My name is Kanoa Leahey, and I've worked as a sports broadcaster in Hawaii for almost 20 years. Without question, the man who has influenced me the most in my life and career is my father, Jim. He is a 17-time Hawaii Sportscaster of the Year and longtime "Voice of University of Hawaii sports". On September 11th, 1997, my dad was diagnosed with leukemia. After undergoing aggressive chemotherapy treatment that saw him taken to the edge of his life, my father survived. He has lived in remission since and continues to be cancer-free. And so he was right there to share his full experience and support to my mother, Toni, when she was diagnosed with stage-four breast cancer 3 years ago. Like my father, she approached the disease head on, and after months of enduring radiation treatment, she also persevered. Without the immense rise in awareness, fundraising and accompanying research into this hideous disease, it would be hard to imagine that my parents would still be alive. That is why I stand firm behind the efforts of UVSC in hoping to see many more stories of survival, like my mom and dad.
Damien Boone
My name is Damien Boone, and I am a Fireman from the tiny island of Maui. We often think that we are isolated from all the “bad” things in the world being so far out in the ocean. And for the most part this is true. We enjoy our life in paradise, surfing, fishing, jumping off waterfalls, etc. Yet being a firefighter/first responder I know that this is a naive outlook because I see first-hand the things that happen here and pride myself in doing everything I can to save people from injury or death. Unfortunately, nothing in my training could prepare me for my mother’s battle with Lung Cancer. She was a very strong woman (a mother of 9) that took her battle head-on with traditional and natural treatments. However, in 2015 she lost her battle in our family home surrounded by her children. It was by far the most devastating thing I have ever been through; watching your mother suffer with no real way to help. Because of this I truly support everything that UVSC is doing to help bring an end to this disease, so that other families don't have to endure what my family went through.
Chelsea Monroe
I am a Veterinarian on Maui and many times have had to give families the devastating news that their beloved pet has cancer. Having recently watched my own mother fight and lose that battle herself, these cases take on a very personal meaning for me and I still end up in tears every time. Cancer is devastating. Watching our loved ones suffer and not being able to do anything about it leaves a mark on your soul that will never go away. I am privileged to be able to support UVSC. The more knowledge we have means more power and more support for those affected by this disease. US Versus Cancer “Alone we are strong, together we are stronger”.
Shane Dorian
I am 44 years old, I live in Kona, Hawaii. I have an amazing wife and two wonderful kids, Charlie and Jackson. I am a professional surfer. Cancer is personal to me because I have lost many people, family and friends to Cancer. I have a couple of close friends that are actively fighting cancer and I believe they will beat it. I am proud to support UVSC, and am looking forward to contributing in any way I can.
Daniel Norris
Playing baseball for the Detroit Tigers I face many challenges every day. On the field I'm challenged by my opponents. Off the field I'm challenged to live simply and remain constant. It's easy to get caught up in the fast paced lifestyle going from big city to big city every few days. I'm very thankful for the family of friends I have in the outdoor world that give me inspiration to keep it simple. Simple is good. Routine is good. But when life throws you a curveball you have to make a quick adjustment to be able to react to it positively. Cancer comes at you from every angle. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. When I was dealing with that hammer curveball. I relied heavily on other people because sometimes all you can do is pray. My appreciation for those people is beyond words. I also became even more appreciative of the little things in life and for that too, I'm thankful.
Jennifer Lawrence
I am Jennifer Lawrence from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Cancer yields no discrimination, there is no age, race, or religion that can banish cancer from existence. Over the years I have witnessed strangers and loved ones alike battle for their lives in the discomfort of hospital rooms away from their loved ones, removed from their lives, ultimately forced into an unfortunate reality. My niece Karter was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia at the frail age of two months. Life was turbulent. Karter was never eligible to leave Hawai'i for treatment because of the fragile state she was in. Some days were better than others, but, after three months of fighting, Karter finally found her peace and gained her little angel wings. I don't think there is one, single reason to not stand with UVSC, but Karter is the reason I do, I will continue to fight cancer with this team, here's to us versus cancer.
Chad Goodfellow
Hi, I am Chad Goodfellow, President at Goodfellow Bros. Inc. I’m also recently married and excited to be a father soon. My closest connections to cancer have been illustrations of determination and triumph. My grandmother, stepmother, uncle, and best friend have all had to fight this vicious disease. By watching their fortitude, coupled with great doctors and advancements in the medical field, I am confident that together we can beat cancer. Today it seems that more people find themselves having to deal with this illness, but it is no longer a death sentence. Our own potential fight is just a function of time and luck, so I support UVSC to see that we put an end to cancer as quickly as possible.
Ashley Takatani Leahey
My name is Ashley Takitani Leahey. A Maui girl from a big family, I can’t express how important it is join this battle. My reasons are my grandpa, mother-in-law, friends, Aunts, Uncles…the list is heart-wrenchingly long. Some beat it, some don't. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, and everyone deserves to get that chance. I am proud to support UVSC and hope that you’ll join me. us vs. cancer - together is the only way we’ll win.
Garrett Marrero
Aloha, I grew up in San Diego and am blessed to be living in Maui where I founded Maui Brewing Co., a small, independent local craft brewery. I’m proud to support UVSC in the search of a cure for cancer and supporting those affected each day. No one is immune whether it be from cancer itself or the effects on families and friends. We have all lost someone to this disease and I look forward to a future where no one has to endure it any longer. Cancer hit close to home for us; my mother fought the battle with thyroid cancer and won, my father was lost to complications with leukemia. Mahalo to UVSC for the hard work and commitment to this invaluable search.
Kitty Walsh
My name is Kitty Walsh and I am a cancer survivor. I am so grateful for my life after surviving cancer. I live on Maui with my strong husband, and four amazing sons Ian, Luke, Shaun and DK. I have been an elementary school art teacher enjoying the endless creativity that children have. I have been able to enjoy the ocean with my family and to experience the thrill of watching my sons conquer giant waves. Cancer can devastate families. I stand behind UVSC and their fight against cancer allowing other families to be able to have their loved ones with them enjoying this beautiful world.
Micah Nickens
My name is Micah Nickens and I was born and raised on Maui. I am married and have a 7 year old daughter. I have a job where I can work from a satellite position. I feel very blessed. Jamil and I grew up together on Maui. We’ve become close friends over the last decade. I’ve never dealt with cancer until now. When I found out Jamil was sick I kind of panicked…it was very scary news. However, I’ve always known Jamil not to be afraid of scary situations. He’s never been afraid to fight bull shit. I knew this was something he could scrap. And it’s because of him that I thank god that we are all here another day. Jamil is a huge inspiration and I’m very honored to have this legend as a friend. I completely support UVSC.
Rob Thibaut
I recently finished an MBA program at the University of San Diego and now serves as a board member and partner of TS Restaurants. I was lucky enough to grow up Surfing on the island of Maui and now reside in San Diego where I'm working on my golf game, which is sub par (not to be taken literally). UVSC is an amazing organization that is close to my heart. I lost my father, Rob Thibaut Sr, to bladder cancer shortly after my twelfth birthday. UVSC has put together an impressive group of young and talented individuals that I know are capable of moving us closer to finding a cure and supporting the warriors that fight this disease on a daily basis. I'd like to extend a personal thanks to UVSC for all the hard work and contribution towards such an important issue that affects so many of us. Aloha!
Tate MacDowell
My name is Tate Macdowell and I’m a video editor/producer living in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA. I grew up skiing and snowboarding and am now thrilled to be doing the sports I love with my son. I’m working to beat rectal cancer. Even on the most challenging days during treatments, I’ve often found strength getting out for a quick surf or bike ride. With my wife and son by my side, I’m intent on beating this disease through bettering myself, and keeping a positive outlook. When I was first diagnosed, other people who are cancer survivors or working to beat cancer too were very generous with advice for this journey putting me on the right path and in a healing mindset from day one. I’d like to to pay that forward, helping others facing this disease in any way that I can. I’m honored and humbled that Ben Moon and Jamil Newirth invited me to be a part of the UVSC Family.
Tyler McNish
I'm Tyler McNish. I work in renewable energy law and policy. In the summer of 2012, my friend Jamil went to the hospital with a headache, and came back with a diagnosis of glioblastoma multiforme – a brain cancer with a median survival time of < 18 months. From that first day until today, Jamil has brought his unique brand of dignity, intelligence, and empathy to the fight with cancer. Those of us around him have learned a lot from the example he's set, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to support him in broadening his work through UVSC.
Nick Prosser
I am a husband to an amazing wife and father of the cutest and smartest 2 year old girl in the world. I’m the founder of a cloud technology company in Newport Beach called Atlas IP. When I'm not hanging with the fam or entrepreneuring (that's a word, right?) I try to spend my time surfing and golfing. Cancer's a nightmare; not just for the one that gets diagnosed with it but also for their family and friends. I know this firsthand as I was diagnosed at 19 with cancer. I was one of the lucky ones. I’m proud to support my friends at USVC and what they're doing to fight it and help everyone affected by it.
Arianna Gerry
I’m Arianna Gerry and I work in real estate here on the beautiful island of Maui. I learned what cancer was at a very young age by asking why my great grandmother only had one breast. A few years later I clung to my 13 year old best friend as she wept at her father's funeral after his battle with lung cancer ended at age 43. That was the first time I saw a body whose soul could not take anymore. It seems as though my entire life I have had someone in my close circle who was hit with this awful diagnosis. I cared for my roommate after she had both ovaries removed at 30, my grandfather is in a battle with his stage IV, radiation resistant renal cell carcinoma and I've witness entire communities, islands, and countries come together for these warriors. We can all come together to fight, support, and encourage these courageous fighters. It's not only them verses cancer, but US verses cancer.
Jakob Wormser
My name is Jakob Wormser. I'm an attorney and a surfer, and I live on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. I have a deep love for all kindhearted beings, and it seems that, all too often, cancer afflicts the best among us. One of my best friends, the founder of UVSC, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in his early 30's, my beloved golden retriever died of cancer, my best friends mom died of cancer, my cousin's mom died of cancer, my childhood friend's dad died of cancer, my college friends wife was recently diagnosed with cancer, and the list just goes on and on and on. My brother is a veterinarian who has researched and developed a natural supplement for cancer, and we have decided to grow cancer fighting medicinal plants in our home garden and share them with anyone we know fighting cancer. In short, I support everyone and everything that is working to help those battling this terrible insidious disease.
Matt McDonald
My name is Matt McDonald, and I'm a storyteller. I love using words and images to capture the essence of a place, person, or experience. What can I say, curiosity is my compass and I must follow it. I lived in my van, exploring western North America for two years (blog at 63mph.com), before moving to Hawaii. I've had so many vibrant, young friends (including both the UVSC President and VP) whose lives have been altered by cancer. I will do all I can to bring awareness to this awesome cause, and join them in their fight to end this tragic disease.
Iikka Backstrom
I’m Iikka Backstrom, a professional snowboarder out of Finland, living in San Diego California. I’ve been a professional snowboarder for 15 years and when I’m not snowboarding I’m usually skateboarding, surfing, fishing and keeping myself active. During all my years of traveling and meeting people, I’ve seen a lot of cancer around me. I’ve noticed that there is never enough information or help out there, and that treatment is very expensive. Jamil is the man and I’m very excited about what he and UVSC are doing to help others. I’m very proud to support UVSC.
Cory Bacon
My name is Cory bacon. I work at dukes in Huntington Beach. I enjoy surfing and traveling the world. I had rhabdomyosarcoma and have been cancer free for 25 years. I support UVSC because it is organizations like these that help people in their fight while battling cancer. UVSC helps by providing key moral support crucial in the fight for survival, while also raising funds to find a cure. I'm grateful to be able to share my story and support UVSC.
Graham Monroe
My Name is Graham Monroe, I am a real estate redeveloper on Maui. I have witnessed several friends and family members battle cancer both successfully and unsuccessfully over the years. Recently, my mother-in-law passed away from cancer and it was a terribly helpless feeling to watch her lose the battle. For this reason, I am honored to support UVSC and help in the fight against cancer.
Lauren Spalding
I’m Lauren Spalding and I was born and raised on the island of Maui. I’m a mother of 3, an athlete and I work at our family owned business. I grew up in ocean sports, surfing, paddling, diving, swimming, and canoe sailing. I started racing in 6 man canoes competitively at the age of 12 and that helped lead me into Kayak sprint paddling, known as K1, K2 and K4. I represented the United States in the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. One-man / Oc1 paddling is still a part of my life year-round. I have been lucky enough to win 11 Molokai solo world championships and hold the record in both OC1 and Surf Ski Molokai races. I became a mother at the young age of 19, it taught me to work hard and not care about other people’s opinions. Being a mom is the most important job I will ever have, loving my kids, raising them to be respectable, loving, caring, do the right thing, kind of humans, is what matters most to me. I have had several family members and friends that have fought, are still fighting, or have passed away from cancer. I know that everyone has this in common and I wish it wasn’t so. I grew up with Jamil Newirth, he was always the stud athlete, super smart, good looking guy and on top of that he’s a total sweet heart and funny. I remember when he was diagnosed with a GBM, I was in total shock. How could this be, he’s healthy and young. He’s been through some crazy treatments and I’m sure will come out on top. My good friend, Emalia Guard, on the other hand passed away on February 10, 2014 from colon cancer. She was a longtime friend who I paddled with and shared life. She was a beautiful mother to her son and wife to JB. Lately, Trucker Dukes and the Dukes ‘Ohana have been consuming my thoughts. I have followed their story from a far and I have been praying every time he goes away that he will come back cancer free. For all these people, I support UVSC, in hopes that we as a community can help those afflicted by cancer while also finding a cure.
Nic van der Lee
My name is Nic van der Lee, after years of living on Oahu I was fortunate to find a job that allowed me to move back home to Maui to be closer to my family. Cancer has had a significant impact on my family. In 2008 I lost an aunt to lung cancer. In 2012 I had an aunt diagnosed with breast cancer and in 2015 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Both were fortunate to catch it early and are doing well. I am honored to support UVSC and their mission to give hope to those fighting cancer, while raising funds to find a cure.
Shep Nelson
My name is Shep Nelson. I was born and raised on Maui, lived in Los Angeles where I met my wife, and now live on Maui again with my wife and son. I am the Equipment Superintendent for Goodfellow Bros., Inc. When I'm not buying a bulldozer or running after my son, you'll probably find me paddling my canoe or surfing. I had never really known anyone that had cancer, until one of my oldest and closest friends Jamil Newirth, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme. At 32 years old Jamil was given 17 months to live. Jamil is now 4 years into his fight, I love my friend more than ever, and he continues to inspire me every day. I am proud to stand with UVSC in this fight against cancer.
Ryan MacLaughlin
Ryan MacLaughlin, I am a third generation real estate broker enjoying life on the beautiful island of Maui. I support USVC and think it is a cause that is long overdue! Unfortunately, Cancer has been a part of my life since I was 5 years old. My mother was diagnosed with cancer in the 80’s and seemed to beat it, only for it to reoccur in 2000. My father also battled Cancer 5 years ago and is currently in remission, but with what he experienced with my Mom and his own bout, he still doesn’t feel like he actually beat this horrible disease. Now with one of my best friends currently battling Cancer, I feel it is the time to build support, awareness and unite as one Ohana to battle together!
Robin Kean
My name is Robin Kean and I’m the Principal Broker and Owner of Kean Properties, a commercial real estate company located in Maui, Hawaii. I am lucky to have two amazing children and a beautiful wife, whom of course I would never want to experience cancer. Cancer is something that has no boundaries, no limits, and no remorse. It has taken people close to many of us. Without the support from people like you and me, the fight is weakened. Our family, friends, neighbors, even someone that has not yet touched our lives are all worth fighting for. I stand with UVSC to put an end to cancer’s destruction.
Haley Ferguson
I was born and raised on Maui and I’m in love with the ocean. I’m a kid at heart and that’s what I plan to be when I grow up. I run my own website design and marketing business because it creatively inspires me, connects me with wonderful people, and offers growth via challenges. My name is Haley Grace Ferguson and Jamil Newirth and his family were our neighbors during my childhood. They are family to me, and when I found out that he'd been diagnosed with cancer it felt like the ground had dropped out from under me. Nothing about it made sense, and in that instant Cancer became a terrifying reality, rather than a far off idea. It devastated me on so many levels. I’m fiercely passionate about the health of the human race and the planet’s environment. I believe that everything in life is connected and that humans played a huge role in the birth of Cancer. I see it as a symptom of a toxic disconnect from the health of our planet and our bodies, and we have the power to get rid of it. I believe wholeheartedly in this mission and I’m so proud of Jamil. I’m looking forward to the day when this insidious disease has dissipated, and am excited to stand by this foundation until that day arrives. So let’s move onward and upward to the future, let’s be shamelessly relentless, and let’s recognize that there is only one way that this fight will end.
Dylan Slater
I’m Dylan Slater, Senior Vice President of Sales and marketing at Rip Curl North America. I support UVSC, because I believe in what a passionate group of like-minded individuals can achieve. UVSC is about empowering people, ideas, and solutions to fight back against cancer, which has had such devastating effects on so many. I support their mission.
Lee Monroe
Aloha, my name is Lee Monroe and I support fighting cancer. Many diseases that afflict mankind seems to do so based on poor lifestyle choices and unhealthy living. I have witnessed two close friends, both who lived healthy active lives, be confronted with cancer. One has since lost the battle while the other is thankfully doing well. I support fighting cancer and UVSC, so that in the future, healthy people can live without the fear of such an indiscriminate and undeserved battles.
Joe Marsh
My name is Joseph Marsh and I have lived in Hawaii for the majority of my life. I have a wife and two amazing daughters. I grew up on Maui and eventually moved to the Big Island where I am currently an independent Insurance Agent. I’ve encountered “cancer” many times in my life and it has taken those I hold dear over and over with no remorse. I remember watching my Grandmother take her last breath in her bed as her body finally gave up the fight against her ovarian cancer. She fought it for many years but in the end it took her. I’ll never forget seeing her take that last gaspe for air and then seeing her body go cold in front of me. My wife also lost her Grandmother this past year to Pancreatic cancer. This was very difficult as my two young daughters, 7 & 9 had grown to love her and spend time with her weekly up until she became sick. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life was to explain to them what “cancer” was why they could not see her anymore, broke my heart to see them try and understand what that meant and to see how sad they were. And then you see those unique, strong minded, blessed individuals that encounter cancer and fight it! They stand up and chose to live rather than slowly succumb to the illness. These individuals are an inspiration to all of us to live life to the fullest and take NOTHING for granted. I am proud to say I know someone like this and he has helped me truly appreciate everything I have in my life. I consider him a brother and would do anything to help him, but he continues to help us all by fighting the fight against “cancer” and showing us all that there is hope, and for that we thank him. I am 100% behind UVSC and encourage all of you to join the fight against cancer!
Caroline Zerres & Jimmy Diesto
Hi, this is Caroline Zerres and Jimmy Diesto. We’re married and live in Los Angeles. At young ages, Caroline lost her mother to liver cancer and Jimmy lost his grandfather to esophageal cancer. More recently, Caroline’s dad has endured treatment for prostate cancer and our best friend Jamil has also faced dealing with a Glioblastoma. We’ve seen first-hand how difficult it is to battle cancer both on the affected and their families. UVSC helping those in need is truly commendable. We’re proud and honored to support UVSC any way that we can.
Jaime Lawson
I support the fight against cancer to eliminate the intense pain and frustration that a diagnosis and subsequent treatments entail. I support the fight against cancer so that fewer people's lives are put on pause, and those fighting can start living again. I support the fight against cancer for my aunts, grandma, and dear friends that have had to battle; for anyone who has had the good health rug unexpectedly ripped out from under them. My name is Jaime Lawson and I am an entrepreneur and creative director. Nearly everything about cancer sucks, except for one thing: it is curable. That's why I support the fight against cancer.
Kumau Pineda
I’m a litigation attorney with a downtown Honolulu law firm. In January 2017, my grandfather was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer. This came as a shock to my entire family, as my grandfather had been relatively healthy for his entire life and was entirely independent. Seeing him go from cleaning his yard one day to limited to a walker and wheelchair just days later was devastating. I stand with UVSC in fighting for my grandfather and other loved ones battling cancer. I’ve been blessed to witness UVSC founder Jamil Newirth continue to defy the odds, and support the organization’s efforts to inspire others in winning the war on cancer.
Lynch Family
My name is Adam Lynch, I am a husband and father of 3 young children living as an in Gisborne, New Zealand. The first place in the world to see the sun rise and very good waves. I was born in raised in St. Louis, Missouri or the “Lou” as we call it. I’ve been making a living as a Financial Advisor for most of my adult life but still fortunate to get in the water to surf and get in the outdoors as much as much as possible. I’ve had a number of friends and family affected by cancer over the years. It’s difficult in this life not to have witnessed the pain of cancer. We’ve had friends go through the heartbreak of losing someone way before their time and lost family as well. I support these guys at UVSC as they are friends and amazing people. But I also stand by them and USVC to go after cancer because I know they are battlers.
Nicole & Zack Gonzales
My name is Nicole Gonzales, mama, wife & occasional event coordinator on the island of Maui. My husband Zack Gonzales, papa, husband & Project Manager. We want to fight cancer & support UVSC for Nicole's grandma who is still fighting every day. We want to fight for the seemingly constant stream of kids & families we see on social media, posting for crowd funding, awareness & support during the most challenging days of their lives, for the fear that it now lies hiding in our genes, for our children, their continued health and their future, and for our friends, classmates and neighbors and all those it touches. We want to fight for education, prevention, funding and life. We are proud of the team behind UVSC & pledge to support them in any way we can.
Merritt Kaufman
My name is Merritt Kaufman, my family and friends have been affected by cancer, as has everyone across the world. I'm here to collaborate in the war against cancer through emotional support, creative thinking and lifestyle. Cancer can't be cured yet but we can all be here for each other and work together to make the days easier and the nights more restful. Sometimes the things that tear us apart can bring the human race together in a much stronger more passionate way than we could ever imagine.
Elena Nelson
My name is Elena Nelson. I live on Maui surrounded by friends and family. I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter, great granddaughter, cousin, auntie and friend. I take all of my jobs very seriously. Four year ago, in 2012, my friend Jamil was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme (a malignant brain tumor). I support him and will do whatever I can in order to ensure that my friend, my husbands friend and my son Fletcher's Uncle, Jamil, is here with us every single day. This is a war against cancer and I am proud to join and fight alongside UVSC until we win.
Jamie Emberson
Cancer is a burden we all carry, some much heavier than others. We will all feel its wrath in our lifetime, as it knows no boundaries. I was first exposed at a young age; I lost my beloved godmother to colon cancer in a few short months after her diagnosis. I admire her for her strength in such pain and suffering, handling her fate with much more grace than the rest of us she left behind. Her peace was her parting gift. As an architect I have been trained to solve problems, to come up with creative solutions to make things better. I will be the first to admit that with cancer there is no rational, no solution to fix this earth shattering realization of mortality. The only solution I can see to cancer is love. To fill your heart with as much of it as you can carry, and then shine that light on those around you. That is why I support UVSC, and anyone who aims to brighten the lives of those who need it most, so they can reflect that light back on us, what a wonderful gift.
Deep Relief // Peak Performance
The team at Deep Relief // Peak Performance is honored to support UVSC. Our athletes and clients are constantly inspired and motivated training alongside cancer survivors as they regain strength and stoke despite lingering symptoms and sometimes ongoing treatments. We are confident UVSC will impact the world and help more fighters become survivors!
Miya Tsukazaki
My name is Miya Tsukazaki and I was born and raised in Hilo, Hawaii. I was affected by cancer very early on in life. Both of my grandmothers were diagnosed with breast cancer, and one of them passed when I was still a toddler. My older brother battled cancer when he was 17 and I remember being afraid and confused, wondering how this terrible disease could affect people so young. My grandfather had prostate cancer and aunts and uncles were repeatedly diagnosed. Since I was a child, I’ve watched cancer take family members, friends, and strangers - all the while causing much heartbreak. I am honored to be in the UVSC family and to be able to support their efforts and contribute to the fight against cancer. It is something that affects everyone, whether directly or indirectly, and I feel that we are all interconnected in that way. With UVSC paving the way, I believe we can band together and make a significant difference for the greater good of humanity.
Nick Dolle
My name is Nick Dolle and I live in Orange County, California. Both my wife and I were born and raised here. Since graduating from Pepperdine University I have worked at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management helping families and nonprofits invest. Everyone has been touched by cancer in one form or another. For many, and myself included, it hit at home. I am happy to say my mom fought cancer and won! I support UVSC in providing love and strength to all cancer fighters, so they too can win their fight.
Kaleo Padilla
Aloha, My name is Kaleo Padilla and I live on Maui with my wife and our three children. I work in a family metal sculpting business with my parents and three younger brothers. My life was first touched with cancer when my grandfather passed away from stage 4 lung cancer. My mother in law is also a breast cancer survivor and I've watched many people in our community battle the disease. Cancer will humble you and your love ones to the core. It makes me appreciate every healthy moment of life's daily challenges and rewards. I'm very proud and honored to support Jamil Newirth and UVSC as they are both symbols of strength, resilience, love and support for the fight against cancer . Together we/you/us can beat cancer.
Kelly O’Kief
My name is Kelly O'Kief. I live in Kuau with my love Erin, work construction, and get in the water as much as possible. My earliest encounter with cancer was from my namesake. Kelly Ogawa was my dad's best friend who was diagnosed with leukemia in March or their senior year. Kelly didn't get to graduate, and died four months later. Because of this awful disease, my dad lost his best friend and I never met the man I'm named after. I stand by UVSC and pledge my support.
Naomi Newirth
Naomi Newirth, 30 years old, live on Maui, have a new 4 month baby boy named Hunter and a french bulldog named Bronx. I am the designer, founder, and co-owner of ACACIA, a swimwear and clothing brand. Cancer is personal to me because in 2012 my brother, Jamil, was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer and given only 17 months to live. I know if anyone can do it, Jamil will be the one to make a difference in the fight against cancer and so I'm proud to support UVSC. I am looking forward to seeing what this rad team has in store and contributing in anyway I can.
Christie Trenholme
I'm Christie Trenholme, an attorney from Maui, and I am honored to support UVSC. My Grandfather passed away from cancer before I had a chance to know him, and my Dad is a cancer-survivor. Without funding for cancer research, testing, and treatment, my Dad could have also passed away too soon. Jamil and the UVSC team are such an inspiration and I look forward to helping them in any way I can!
Alex & Stacy Siele
Aloha, I’m Alex Siele, and I work and live in Los Angeles with my wife, Stacy and son, Andrew. I have had the pleasure of knowing Jamil since we were classmates over 20 years ago. Watching Jamil’s journey of both fighting such a devastating diagnosis and then going on the offensive with the creation of USVC has been nothing short of inspirational. He has handled this adversity with such admirable character and strength. It is an honor to lend my support to UVSC and help in any way to support the fight against cancer and the families affected by this terrible disease.
Melissa Padilla
My name is Melissa Padilla, I am the owner of a wedding coordinating + design company on the island of Maui. I am a mother of three little ones, and a wife to an incredible husband. In 2007 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer- when we got the call, it was the worst day of my life. My mother is my best friend, my inspiration, my rock. Watching her journey through mastectomies, chemotherapy, and recovery was literally heartbreaking. At the hands of some incredible doctors, continuous prayer and perseverance, today she is cancer free. She is a true survivor! Our Family is dedicated to the journey of USVC and 100% devoted to the cause.
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