Blythe Tai-Arthur

Blythe is a full-time single mother to four young sons, Kohdy (12), Kayzn (4), Kaleb (3), and Keanu (1), with whom she loves taking on beach adventures. She was also very career-driven and enjoyed several years as a Target Executive. She’s got a magnetic personality, making friends wherever she goes and is the type of friend that’s always there for you, no matter what. Those close to Blythe know she’s also the life of the party, always singing, dancing, and making everyone laugh.

Blythe’s health took a turn when she had her gallbladder removed in the summer of 2021, when doctor’s misdiagnosed a gallstone. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a tumor. A week later, Blythe was diagnosed with stage 3 gallbladder cancer, a very unpredictable, rare, and aggressive type of cancer. Shortly thereafter, a scan revealed cancer cells found on part of her liver, closest to where the gallbladder lay. Castle surgeons performed a liver recession surgery with robotic assistance to remove the cancerous cells. Her oncologist decided to start chemotherapy treatment in hopes of eliminating any remaining cancer cells.

After two months of treatment, another scan revealed the cancer spread throughout her abdomen. Blythe was put on a more aggressive chemotherapy treatment plan. And a few months later, another body scan revealed the cancer had spread across her liver, causing liver failure. Doctors gave her three months to live.

Blythe continues to struggle and UVSC, and the community, remembers all the times Blythe was our friend that we turned to in times need. She has always been there for us, and it’s our turn to rally support for her.