Anonymous Female Cancer Fighter on Maui

UVSC respects each individual’s preferences regarding their privacy and confidentiality. We are incredibly grateful for their willingness to share their words and stories to offer hope to others, in whatever capacity they are comfortable with.

During my cancer journey, the pandemic happened, my 25 year marriage ended and Maui Fire happened. When everything felt like falling apart all at once, I felt devastated and didn’t know what to do with my diagnosis which was stage 4 breast cancer. As I faced my death, I really started facing my life… my journey to coming back to myself began. I didn’t focus on healing the disease, rather I focused on holding my values clearly than ever.  I’m from Hiroshima Japan, as a second generation of Atomic Bomb survivors. There is heavy karmic energy attached to cancers. I had to really think how I can use my life in that family lineage. I decided to embrace and be with cancer cells without any judgement. I love them just like the rest of my healthy cells. I focus on being my authentic myself. That’s the only thing I have been thinking through this journey. To live or die, I will do that in knowing and honoring who I am and what I am.

My life has clarity to enjoy myself fully while I have this beautiful body. I see myself the same with or without cancer. Which requires self love to override anything that I encounter. I fill my body and my field with my love without wanting anything from outside. So in the end, my journey has become my self-discipline and my prayer to honor my soul/ my being.  

I’m enjoying myself a lot and so grateful that I can feel my authenticity. I’ve been doing miraculously well. I’m very proud of myself of finding/honoring myself and having deep peace in the middle of unprecedented chaos around me. 

Much love and aloha

UVSC has assisted this beneficiary with out-of-pocket expenses related to alternative cancer treatments so she is able to manage her treatment plan and conditions in a way that works best for her.